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The Welding Blankets of CEPRO are excellent to provide shielding against sparks and welding spatter. These heat resistant blankets are used in siuations where welding sparks can cause damage or fire to its surroundings. To prevent against sudden fire or damaged goods due to welding and grinding spatters and sparks welding blankets are the ideal and flexible solution.

Welding/Fire Blanket


The product features

  • Manufactured according to the specifications of the European Fire Resistance standards
  • Available in full rolls
  • Large variety standard blankets
  • Do not contain any asbestos or ceramic fibres

All of the materials that are used are approved according to the highest applicable standards

Areas of application

The welding fire blanket are succesfully used in large variety of industrial area’s. For example an international leading Dutch shipyard is using CEPRO welding blankets to protect vulnerable parts during welding works of the ships they are building. As a result there is less damage and the productivity has risen considerably.

Other fields of use:

  • Oil rigs
  • Automotive / car repair
  • Foundries
  • General maintenance
  • Construction

WElding/fire blankets fields of application

Types of Welding Blankets

CEPRO has three types of welding blankets:

  • Heavy duty
  • Medium duty
  • Low dutyWelding blanket 1300ºC

Heavy duty blankets

The heavy duty welding fire blanket offers a great deal of protection against the surroundings and is made of a extreme heat resistant fabric, the high quality Silica. The Olympus offers its surroundings protection up to a 1300 ºC. The blanket is made for 96% of SIO2 and weights  1,220 gram/m², the blanket is heavier than the other types but offers the best protection.

The blanket is available in two dimensions:

  • 90×200 cm (minimum order quantity 72 pieces per colour)
  • 180×200 cm (minimum order quantity 36 pieces per colour)

Welding blanket 900ºCMedium duty blankets

The medium welding blankets are made of Thetis texturized fiberglass cloth, that is coated on both sides with graphite and has a PU-coating. These heat resistant blankets can hold temperatures up to 900 ºC, weights 1100 grams/m² and the material is 1.5mm thick.

The blanket is available in three dimensions:

  • 200×200 cm (minimum order quantity 72 pieces per colour)
  • Per roll of 1×25 meter

Low duty blanketsWelding Blankets 600 ºC

A much lighter blanket is the low duty welding blanket made of thermo-glass fabric with a grey fire-retardant PU coating on one side. The blanket can protect its surroundings against 600ºC, weigths only 690 gram/m².

Available in three dimensions:

  • 200×200 cm (minimum order quantity 72 pieces per colour)
  • Per roll of 1×25 meter