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Welding curtains

Welding curtains are used to protect bystanders
against the dangers of welding light

The different kind of Welding curtains

Welding curtain green 180x140-cm-01-web Cepro Welding curtain 180x140cm Welding curtain yellow 180x140


  • Approved according to the International standard for a welding curtain, ISO EN 25980
  • Dimension 6’x6’(180×180 cms)
  • Thickness 0,4 mm
  • Fully seamed all around
  • Very strong synthetic suspension eyelets embedded all around
  • Unique snapfastener system to connect the curtains
  • Free steel suspension rings (tube Ø 33,7 mm) included

Available colours:

  • Orange-CE (orange/red transparent) 6’x6’
  • Green-6 (green transparent) 6’x6’
  • Yellow – UV curtain (see through) 6’x6’
  • Green-9 (darkgreen non-transparent) 6’x6’ (for use as partition between welders)

Minimum order quantity 100 pieces per colour


  • Arc eye (short time exposure to the welding light)
  • Cataract (prolonged exposure to the welding light)
  • Skin burn (possibly leading to skin cancer)

Why use a welding curtain?

The welder is protected against the welding light by wearing safety clothes and a welding helmet, bystanders are exposed to the same dangers as the welder.
To prevent these bystanders against long time illness, a separation from welding curtains creates a perfect solution.