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Welding safety products

All the product of INWESA for welding protection are certified products against welding sparks and spatters. We offer different kind of products for welding safety.

INWESAWelding blankets

welding blanket

Safe and certified protection against spatters and sparks from welding and grinding.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Low Duty

INWESAWelding curtains

welding curtain

Safe and certified protection against the dangerous welding light.

  • Orange-CE (orange/red transparent) 6’x6’
  • Green-6 (green transparent) 6’x6’
  • Green-9 (green Non-transparent) 6’x6’
  • Yellow – UV curtain (see through) 6’x6’


INWESAWelding screens

welding screens

Flexible fit out of a welding workshop

  • Gazelle 200×200 cm with Orange-CE curtain
  • Gazelle 200×200 cm with Green-6 curtain

INWESAWelding tent

welding tent

Ideal workspace in every type of weather

  • Welding tent 190 cm wide, 200 cm deep and 220 cm high
  • Cover of B1 quality